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This Week I’m Loving…

The Boiling Crab – This seafood restaurant has just recently opened (4/7/2007) and is located nearby the Viet Hoa grocery store. The owner has made an incredible job with the decoration. The crawfish is excellent here… Very tasty y’all! The Soup on E! – Watch Joel doing stand … Continue reading

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In Remembrance of the Victims of the Virginia Tech Massacre

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This Week I’m Loving…

The Departed – Martin Scorcese’s The Departed is a fast-paced mafioso movie about the battle between good and evil. Sometimes a person may not be who it appears at first. Kudos to Jack Nicholson and Leonardo Dicaprio for their memorable performances. Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant – The … Continue reading

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Corteo in Houston, TX

Corteo is one of the newest shows from the Cirque du Soleil currently playing in Houston, TX. It has called the Sam Houston Race Park "home" until end of April. You cannot miss to see the blue and yellow tents … Continue reading

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I Need To Wake Up – Melissa Etheridge

Have I been sleeping? I’ve been so still Afraid of crumbling Have I been careless? Dismissing all the distant rumblings Take me where I am supposed to be To comprehend the things that I can’t see Cause I need to … Continue reading

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