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Tracks That Should End Up on Twilight’s Soundtrack

Unusual You by Britney Spears   Nothing about you is typical Nothing about you is predictable You’ve got me all twisted and confused (It’s all new) Up til now, I thought I knew love Nothing to loose and its damaged … Continue reading

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I’m Now a Twilighter, or Twi-Hard (Whatever You Call It)

I normally like reading the book then watching the movie; however, with Twilight (2008), it’s the complete opposite. After watching the screen adaptation for Twilight, I rushed on and ordered the set containing all 4 books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, … Continue reading

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Montreal Day 1 – Saturday 11/22 First Sight

Although I just came back to Montreal a little over 2 months ago (from August 22-23 to be exact); however, it always feels good to be at a place where you feel like you just belong. Mainly, I wanted to … Continue reading

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This Week I’m Loving…

1. – One of my favorite things to do on the Internet that does not do anything to me other than bringing a smile to my face is to surf It’s a community blog dedicated to posting "pictures and … Continue reading

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